Fees and Payment
For Dr. Varady - Self-pay, Tricare Prime and Standard, Medicare traditional
Initial Psychiatric Evaluation  60 minutes        $350.00
Ongoing psychotherapy         30 minutes        $1
Ongoing psychotherapy         45 minutes        $
Ongoing psychotherapy         60 minutes        $
Telephone calls                       15 minutes        $  
Bariatric Evaluation                                              $500.00
Personality/Diagnostic Testing                           varies according to tests administered and length of report

Please contact Dr. Varady directly for coaching, consulting, and other fee arrangements.

Please contact your insurance company directly to discuss your out-of-network benefits.

Tricare cost-share and deductibles vary by plan.  Please contact Tricare directly for information about cost-share (these usually are
around $
25 - 41 per session).
Tricare covers the cost of psychological evaluation and psychological testing.  Tricare Prime active duty family member patients do not
have a co-pay/cost-share or deductible for pre-bariatric surgery evaluations.  Other Tricare plan members
might have a small
cost-share (usually around $120 for the entire evaluation but this may vary if you have not yet met your deductible).

For bariatric patients with insurance other than Tricare or Medicare: You will be asked to pay in full for the evaluation.  Dr. Varady will
provide a statement you can forward to your insurance company.  Dr. Varady will confer with your insurer as needed and with your

Payment is required in full at the time of service for new patients.  Ongoing patients are billed monthly.  
Dr. Varady prefers personal checks as payment.  Credit cards/HSA debit cards can be used if desired.

Dr. Varady provides high quality, individualized psychological services.  Her practice is not compatible with managed care's emphasis on
brief symptom reduction.  Therefore, Dr. Varady does not participate in most insurance panels and does not  file insurance directly to any
insurance company other than Tricare
(allowing her to serve military families) and Medicare.  

If requested, she will provide a statement that can be submitted directly to the insurance company for out-of-network benefits.  To collect
insurance benefits, a mental health diagnosis must be provided and is then part of the individual's health record.  To ensure maximum
confidentiality, Dr. Varady strongly suggests that patients not involve their health insurance carrier in their mental health treatment.

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